Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mayor Reichert lays out plan for Second Street, including more tree canopy; Macon, GA

Mayor Reichert lays out plan for Second Street - Politics -
Between pitches for a new sales tax and a vote on consolidation, Mayor Robert Reichert unveiled Monday a new presentation that details his hope to establish Second Street as the downtown area’s main thoroughfare.
The idea, which The Telegraph first reported in August, recently was supplemented with graphics, facts and figures by Interface Studios, the Philadelphia-based company that prepared the College Hill Alliance master plan. Andrew Blascovich, director of external affairs in the mayor’s office, said the presentation cost $27,824, which was paid for with a grant provided by the Peyton Anderson Foundation.
In the span of about five minutes during a joint Rotary Club luncheon Monday, Reichert ran through what he said was usually a 30-minute presentation, highlighting the need to revitalize the area to generate new opportunities for retail, housing and entertainment. The presentation used illustrations of a Second Street that would be notably more pedestrian-friendly, increase the tree canopy and reduce the number of car lanes in favor of sidewalks and bicycle lanes.

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