Monday, January 11, 2010

Words of advice for new mayor include continuing tree canopy, green jobs efforts; Baltimore, MD

A few words of advice -
Mary Sloan Roby hopes the incoming mayor will keep the city's new recycling campaign rolling - along with the rest of Sheila Dixon's Cleaner Greener Baltimore initiative.
'Baltimore is considered a 'green' city, which 20 years ago would have seemed impossible,' Roby says.
Roby would ask Stephanie C. Rawlings-Blake to make the city greener still, and to understand why Baltimore must embrace the color and the concept.
The new mayor, Roby says, must make sure the city's tree canopy continues to spread, must create more green jobs, must repair city pipes that wastefully leak water, must require LEED standards for all city buildings, must pay attention to neglected city parks and must figure out how to pay for an improved storm water system.

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