Saturday, January 9, 2010

Victoria Vision: Draft Saanich Urban Forest Strategy; Saanich, Victoria, BC

Victoria Vision: Draft Saanich Urban Forest Strategy:
Today is the final day for comments on the Draft Urban Forest Strategy for Saanich. This is my quick review and comments

The goals of the Saanich Urban Forest Strategy are:
Goal 1 Protect trees and expand the forest canopy
Goal 2 Respond to the changing environment
Goal 3 Engage the community
Goal 4 Promote effective management
Goal 5 Regulate arboricultural practices

Coming out of this are six priorities
Priority 1 Inventory the urban forest
Priority 2 Amend the Tree Preservation Bylaw, 1997, No. 7632
Priority 3 Coordinate urban forest management between District departments
Priority 4 Develop Urban Forest Design Guidelines
Priority 5 Protect and enhance Garry oak and their associated ecosystems
Priority 6 Increase community awareness, education and stewardship opportunities

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