Sunday, January 17, 2010

Town to replace Bradford pears planted in the 1990;s due to breakage, damage; Mooresville, FL

Broad Street tree canopy to be replaced:
The Town of Mooresville and its beautification committee will begin a tree replacement project next week to replace Bradford Pear trees along Broad Street downtown.
First planted in the early 1990s, the trees have become a safety hazard and must be removed.
In 1989, the Mooresville Beautification Committee began a tree planting project to create a decorative border along the railroad and Broad Street. Over a period of two years, the citizens of Mooresville donated funds to purchase 59 Bradford Pear trees. The majority of the trees were purchased in memory or honor of a loved one.
Although one of the most popular landscape trees in the Southeast, Bradford Pears have a weak limb structure and vigorous growth. After approximately 20 years the trees become hazardous during storms and break easily.

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