Sunday, January 31, 2010

Guest columnist says Knoxville Utilities Board needs reasonable tree-trimming policies; Knoxville, TN

Guest column: KUB needs reasonable tree-trimming policies » Knoxville News Sentinel:
For the past four years, Knoxvillians have become increasingly concerned about the Knoxville Utilities Board's tree cutting policies.
Recent public discussion has renewed the debate as to what can be done to force KUB to adopt a reasonable policy that will stop excessive tree cutting and unnecessary removal of thousands of trees and other vegetation per week, destruction of private property, reduction of property values, and permanent disfiguring of Knoxville's most beautiful trees.
KUB Board Chair J. Thomas Jones, in a guest column in the Jan. 10, News Sentinel, asked, 'Should KUB trim trees away from electric lines?' He then proceeded to repeat KUB's latest rationale for its current policies.
He asked the wrong question and ignores many issues while defending KUB's position and its spending of at least $6 million per year.

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