Saturday, January 9, 2010

Virginia Tech to undertake investigations to improve knowledge and management of forest resources in urbanized areas; Blacksburg, VA

Investigations to Improve Knowledge and Management of Forest Resources in Urbanized Areas - VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE:
The goal of this project is to improve knowledge and management of forest resources in urbanized areas. In pursuit of this goal, investigations will be conducted to achieve the following objectives: (1) examine ecophysiological function of urban forests and biophysical constraints to urban forest productivity; (2) investigate arboricultural practices that influence urban tree establishment, growth, health, and safety; (3) analyze urban forest structure, function, and value with emerging inventory and geospatial technologies. This project will be conducted during a five-year period commencing in December 2009. Expected benefits of the proposed project include: (1) increased knowledge about urban forest soils and their influence on landscape tree performance; (2) improved arboricultural techniques for tree maintenance; and (3) better understanding of urban forest extent and composition at the municipal scale. The research and technical outcomes of the proposed project will have broad impacts on urban forest science and management, and ultimately urban society. Numerous researchers are investigating the subjects described above in specific contexts across the country. As the results of the proposed research are synthesized with the work of others, new concepts and practices will emerge that advance urban forestry and improve urban environments.

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