Monday, May 18, 2009

Hialeah's go green effort includes UTC assessment, tree plantings and giveaways; Hialeah, FL

Move to make Hialeah green is thriving - Miami-Dade - "ENVIRONMENT
Move to make Hialeah green is thriving
Hialeah still has a way to go, but it's more eco-friendly today than ever before.
South Florida's concrete jungle is headed for greener pastures.
As the fifth-largest city in the state with a bustling industrial center, Hialeah has long been dumped on for paving over every patch of grass -- a truth that gave birth to the phrase la ciudad de agua, fango y factoria or the city of water, mud and factories.
In November, the county's Department of Environmental Resources Management expects to release results of a study noting the percentage of tree canopy coverage by area. The county conducted a similar study in 1996, and found much of the county had severely inadequate tree canopies, leading to sky-high electric bills and sun-baked gardens and lawns."

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