Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Percieved flip-flop on Norway maple removal approvals gets officials in hot water; Toronto, Canada; 5/6/09

Miller defends deputy mayor Toronto Sun - Ontario, Canada
At issue for city politicians are two Norway Maples, located on different residential properties. Owners of the properties want them removed because they're damaging their homes.
Despite city staff offering the same advice in both situations -- that because both trees were healthy they should not be removed -- council granted one of the homeowners, on Trehorne Dr., in Councillor Gloria Lindsay-Luby's Etobicoke ward, the right to chop their maple down.
But last year, council denied a request to take down a Norway Maple on Grandville Ave., in Councillor Frances Nunziata's North York ward.
Pantalone fought to save the tree last year, but voted to chop down the other last week.

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