Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Treehouse seven" hope University of Maryland plans to clear woods does not destroy their canopy hideaway; College Park, MD

Seven students sitting in a tree - News: "Seven students sitting in a tree
Diamondback Online - College Park,MD,USA - Sara Newman
On Friday, seven seniors unveiled their hidden hideout: a three-level treehouse buried deep in the woods behind the Comcast Center parking garage.
The 'treehouse seven,' as they like to call themselves - seniors Cooper Linde, Andrew Zhao, Taylor Jones, Matt Ritterpusch, Chris Ahn, Fred De Grano and one who declined to be named - opened their canopy campout to about 40 students who came out to celebrate the treehouse's completion. The group said they wanted to make the structure public so others could enjoy an alcohol-free escape, as they have for the past academic year. But with the impending threat of developing the Wooded Hillock area, the seniors say they hope the treehouse will remain undisturbed.
'It's all about a bunch of friends who like to get together and have a good time,' Linde said. 'There's nothing like this anywhere on campus.'
The seven began constructing the treehouse in September and worked on it mostly at night, lighting the area with flashlights and headlamps and using material they either purchased or found while dumpster diving."

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