Monday, May 4, 2009

"True believer" adds to Tree of Knowledge legend; Barcaldine, Australia; 5/2/09

True believer adds to Tree of Knowledge legend Australia.TO - Sydney,NSW,Australia
"In 1891 Barcaldine was the centre of the "Great Shearers Strike" where in May of that year, about 3000 striking shearers marched under the Tree of Knowledge to protest against poor working conditions and low wages," she said."These events led to the Tree of Knowledge earning its claim to fame as the founding site of the political movement we now know as the Australian Labor Party."Ms Bligh said the almost $2.5 million contribution by the Queensland Government Q150 Legacy Infrastructure Program has built a permanent memorial which will protect the original tree."Sadly the Tree of Knowledge was poisoned in 2006, but this structure will help protect and preserve the remains of the tree to permanently recognise the trees historical importance," she said.

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