Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Huntley ash borer inspection survey slated; Huntley, IL

Northwest Herald | Huntley ash borer inspection survey slated: "Huntley ash borer inspection survey slated
HUNTLEY – Spring and early summer usually are spent by many outdoors enjoying the pleasant weather.
But as temperatures warm, residents might be faced with another season of possible emerald ash borer infestations. Adult insects begin emerging in mid- to late May, while new larvae feed under the bark of ash trees for several weeks in late July through fall.
The younger metallic-green bugs burrow deep into ash tree trunks to feed off the plant until it eventually dies.
Last summer, McHenry County reported several cases of ash borer infestations, with two found in Huntley. That’s one reason that the village is working to finalize a policy on the potential removal and replacement of parkway ash trees.
A villagewide survey is set to begin June 1, village officials said, when workers will go door-to-door inspecting public ash trees. The town’s ash population is about one-third of all trees."

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