Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tree Warden role has progressed from protecting the King's timber to managing community tree resources; Belmont, MA

Plant a tree for your tomorrow - Belmont, MA - Belmont Citizen-Herald: "Plant a tree for your tomorrow
By Ruth Foster/Special to the Citizen-Herald
Thu May 14, 2009, 01:59 PM EDT
Belmont, Mass. - Suddenly the town is green again.
This yearly 'turning of the leaves' is celebrated at the beginning of May on Arbor Day when school children help plant a tree.
The town's tree planting is supervised by Tree Warden Tom Walsh, also cherished by everyone who cares about the town and its trees. He became tree warden 18 years ago, but actually began working on Belmont's trees at the age of 15 in his father's tree business. He knows every tree in town!
In colonial times the tree warden guarded the 'King's Trees' which were used for the masts of sailing ships, and under today's laws, the Tree Warden still controls every public tree."

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