Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Memorial protects remnants of heritage tree, recreates historic canopy; Barcaldine, Australia; 5/5/09

Coast connection to Tree of Knowledge Sunshine Coast Daily - Queensland,Australia
“There was the practical component to protect the tree, as one of Australia’s 74 national heritage-listed sites, from sun and rain,” he said. “But there was also an architectural approach as to how to provide cover over the top of the dead tree. The whole process was about creating the original canopy from the time of the shearers’ strike in 1890s through photographic evidence.
“It’s quite an impressive cathedral space, with dappled light reflecting off the metal and you get this lovely movement with the wind through the building as well. The timber members actually sway so you get an effect symbolic of a tree.”
The poisoning of the tree remains a mystery. Suspects include disgruntled political opponents of the Labor Party, drunken pranksters or incompetent gardeners.

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