Wednesday, May 20, 2009

North Dakota begins to count the cost in anticipation of arrival of ash borer; North Dakota

Is N.D. next? - | News, sports, business, jobs - Minot Daily News: "Is N.D. next?
Tree-killing beetle found in Minn.


The Forest Service has estimated that it would cost $600 for removal and replanting of each mature ash tree, a direct cost to a city. That translates into a cost of approximately $8 million in Fargo and $5.2 million in Bismarck, with little hope of federal or state assistance Kangas added.

Those (figures) don't take into account the loss of cost-savings either. Home heating costs in the winter will go up without the windbreaks and cooling costs in the summer will rise too without shade. Wildlife that depends on them for cover or food will suffer as well as the quality of life. What is it going to look like after they're all gone?" said Kangas.

With approximately 4,000 ash trees spread across Minot, the potential cost of an infestation is estimated at $2.4 million."

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