Monday, May 4, 2009

Trees loss due to ADA compliance leads to public concern, city development of tree planting goal; Somerville, MA; 5/1/09

Arbor Day in Somerville Somerville News - Somerville,MA,USA
Many trees have been removed on Somerville Ave to make the sidewalks comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. State projects are required by law to take down trees in order to make sidewalks sufficiently wide.It is because of concerned citizens like Narsesian that the Massachusetts Youthbuild Coalition (Youthbuild) and Eagle Eye Institute (EEI) were founded. EEI is based in Somerville and dedicated to its primary goal of combating global warming. Arbor Day, of course, is their biggest day of the year.
Not to be outdone, however, the city has got involved in fighting global warming by planting trees. In response to complaints of those such as Narsesian, Somerville's Executive Director of Communication, Tom Champion, underscores the city's unflagging commitment to the environment. "The Mayor has committed to increasing the total number of trees in the city by 20% in the next few years. In order to do that we must start with an inventory."

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