Monday, May 4, 2009

Miami landscape architect assails utility's "tree assassins" and their pruning methods; Miami, FL; 5/2/09

fpl's Tree Assassins: It's All About Profits Biscayne Times - Miami,FL,USA
The notion that any public utility has the inherent right to visually pollute our communities with unbridled overhead power lines, ugly concrete or tar-stained wood poles, and disastrous pruning techniques are anathema to sound residential planning and the highest standards of community design.
And the idea that the pruning of trees by FPL’s “tree assassins” is “now an accepted practice” could not be further from the truth. Such action may be accepted by FPL, by Asplundh Tree Company (the “pruners”), and by the uninformed, but it is highly unlikely that even the most novice gardener would support the argument that FPL cares about trees, or about how they are pruned.

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