Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kenya can cultivate eucalyptus successfully, but only in certain locations; Kenya

DAILY NATION - Eucalyptus dilemma: Is the tree worth growing commercially?

By ISAIAH ESIPISU Posted Sunday, May 31 2009 at 16:20
THE CONTROVERSY SURRO-unding the eucalyptus and its penchant for consuming far too much water leading to environmental depletion has led to confusion among commercial growers. Environmentalists, supported by government officials through the Ministry of Environment, are persuading Kenyans to uproot all trees of this genus grown near riverbeds and water catchment areas, without explaining where, and how best they should be grown.
At the same time, some forestry scientists and researchers claim that the stricture has no legal and scientific backing. But if Kenya followed the example of Punjab province of Pakistan, which has ordered all eucalyptus trees uprooted without replacement, then it means it will need to import most of the products best made from eucalyptus.

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