Monday, May 4, 2009

Monument to heritage tree which gave birth to Labor movement opens with $5 million price tag; Barcaldine, Australia; 5/4/09

Tree of Knowledge divides Qld town ABC Online - Australia
Public opinion remains divided in the western Queensland town of Barcaldine over a new $5 million memorial to the historic Tree of Knowledge.
The heritage-listed ghost gum is widely known as the birth place of the Labor movement and was officially opened yesterday.
Striking shearers are said to have gathered underneath it in 1891, but the tree was poisoned in 2006 - the memorial has been built around its remains.
The 18-metre high structure includes 5,000 pieces of hanging timber to replicate the tree's original canopy.
It dwarfs everything else in the town and some locals say it is an eyesore.

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