Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Severe pruning of red oak inspires resident to form tree preservation group; Grimsby, Ontario, Canada News: Communities: Grimsby: Story: Grimsby woman aims to start tree preservation group: "Grimsby woman aims to start tree preservation group
By Amanda Street/Staff, Niagra This Week
May 11, 2009
It was the loss of a historic tree from a Grimsby neighbourhood that set June Vansickle on the path of environmental protection.
On March 19, a red oak tree was trimmed of its branches and limbs as Vansickle watched, horrified. The town decided the tree, which had already lost a number of large limbs, was too much of a liability with a schoolyard nearby. After a number of studies by a contracted arborist, the top half of the tree was taken down, it’s pedestal left as a habitat for squirrels, raccoons and birds.
Vansickle wasn’t impressed with the tree cutting and contacted The News about getting the word out on a petition she had started calling for more measures to be taken for tree preservation. Since that story appeared, Vansickle has spoken with many residents over concerns of development, greenspace preservation and most of all, trees. After discovering a number of residents share her concerns, Vansickle is ready to take the next step – forming a citizens group."

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