Wednesday, May 13, 2009 reports on what may be largest tree transplant ever; Kings Park, Australia

Relocation to save 80yo tree : "Relocation to save 80yo tree
12th May 2009, 10:00 WST
The West Australian
Kings Park arboricultural experts and specialist tree contractors have transplanted what is believed to be one of the original Centennial plantings of Red Flowering Gum trees along Fraser Avenue.
Arborist Jeremy Thomas said he believed the transplanting was a world first.
An 80 tonne crane lifted the tree and passed it to a 25 tonne Franna crane that “walked” the tree along Fraser Avenue to its new location. Earth anchors will be attached to the tree for stability while the tree develops new roots.
“I believe this is the first time such a tree of this species, size and age has ever been transplanted. We are quietly confident that this effort to conserve the Corymbia ficifolia which is around 80 years old will be a success,” Mr Thomas said."

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