Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Make my day, punk - plant that tree!" NJ man arrested for threating to shoot crews for planting street tree in front of his house; Hamilton, NJ

Some in Hamilton don't want new trees -
Thursday, May 28, 2009
HAMILTON -- A tree-planting initiative in the Mercerville section of town is meeting stiff resistance from homeowners, one of whom brandished a shotgun and threatened state contractors digging in front of his home.
The 'community forestry' project, a partnership between Hamilton and the state, is designed to bolster tree canopies in cities and developed towns.
Many residents in the one Hamilton neighborhood targeted this year say they were not notified of the project until the trees were planted, though officials from Hamilton and the state Department of Environmental Protection claim otherwise.
The residents also say their complaints have been ignored or bounced between state and town officials without resolution. Those who oppose the trees fear the growing roots will damage sidewalks and underground pipes, while some say they do not want the burden of maintaining a tree they did not ask for.

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