Thursday, May 28, 2009

Volunteer city forester keeps city's trees in shape, chairs Shade Tree Commission; Scranton, PA

City forester chiefly responsible for trees lining Scranton's streets - The Times-Tribune
Published: May 27, 2009
Tony Santoli reaches into the rotting trunk of a pin oak tree at Nay Aug Park and digs his fingers into the loose wood.
Even though the tree offers a shady canopy of brilliant green, a fungus is eating away at its base.
Mr. Santoli said the oak could easily topple in a storm or high winds, but that's what people don't understand - just because a tree has leaves doesn't mean it is healthy, sturdy or safe.
For Mr. Santoli, another spring means another season of trimmings, cuttings and plantings. In seven years as city forester, as Scranton has pushed to revitalize its greenspace, Mr. Santoli has often been instrumental behind the scenes.

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