Thursday, May 28, 2009

North Linconshire officials cite Tree Protection Orders issued in 1971 in second denial of request to remove tree; Epworth, UK

Further reprieve for sycamore tree - Epworth Bells
Published Date: 28 May 2009
A SECOND request to fell a tree protected by a Tree Preservation Order was due to be rejected by members of North Lincolnshire Council's Planning Committee yesterday afternoon.
The request had come from a Mr A Stafford, who wanted to carry out the work on a Sycamore tree in his garden at 16 The Paddocks, Crowle. He was due to address the committee.
Mr Stafford had previously applied to fell this tree in 2006 and was refused permission and has now resubmitted the same tree report with this present application.
Among the reasons Mr Stafford gives for wanting to fell the tree is that a conservatory has been built to the rear of the property, closer to the tree and under its canopy and is he concerned about small branches being blown out of the tree and the potential for larger branches that may fail during winter storms. In his application he also makes comment regarding birds roosting in the tree and their subsequent bird droppings.

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