Sunday, May 29, 2011

Arborist provides first responders with the tools and skills they need, rescues trapped glider pilot hung up in trees - Freehold, NY

Part-time tree cutter rescues trapped glider pilot - FOX23 News - The 10 O'Clock News

Rescue crews in Freehold, New York had to call in a professional tree cutter to help rescue a glider pilot stuck upside down, high atop a group of trees near the airport for hours.

When fire and police officials initially showed up to assess the situation, a storm was brewing nearby, the wind was starting to pick-up, and first responders didn't have the right equipment.

But thanks to a brave tree cutter, it was still a happy Memorial Day weekend for an experienced 60-year-old pilot in a very precarious situation.

The pilot's wife Donna Laitinen says she even had a chance to talk with her husband by cell phone while he was stuck in the trees for about 3 hours.

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