Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pinus And Eucalyptus Trees Replaced With Native Species Under Indigenous Tree Canopy Programme -Sri Lanka

Pinus And Eucalyptus Trees Replaced While Elephants Are Renamed For Respect | The Sunday Leader

Identifying the serious impact on watershed/ catchment areas, the Ministry of Environment has launched a programme to replace eucalyptus and pinus cultivations with endemic plants under the Indigenous Tree Canopy Programme (Hela Thuru Viyana).

Barringtonia acutangul, Wal Aliya now known as Wana Aliya and S M Chandrasena
Minister of Environment Anura Priydharshana Yapa in response to a question for oral answers revealed that  the Indigenous Tree Canopy Programme has already replaced eucalyptus and pinus cultivations in 241.4 hectares (596.26 acres) with endemic plant species including hora (Dipterocarpus zeylanicas), pelan (Kurrima zeylanica – celastraceae), lunumidella (Barringtonia acutangula), mahogany and pihimbiya.

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