Monday, May 16, 2011

Going Green: Emerald Ash Borer insecticide - upstate NY

Going Green: Emerald Ash Borer insecticide - YNN, Your News Now

The ash trees are in serious jeopardy from a tiny insect called an Emerald Ash Borer and so far no way has been found to stop the devastation.
“No, the best that we can do right now is slow them down and that's what we're trying to do,” said Dr. Melissa Fierke, SUNY-ESF.
One strategy is to cut down the trees in an infested area near Randolph, New York.
“So that nothing flies out and escapes from the trees. From there we'll implement further Slow the Ash Mortality (SLAM) measures, whatever we can do to slow it down to keep it from getting to Rochester,” said Fierke.
Rochester, Syracuse and other local cities are preparing management plans to deal with the arrival of the insect.
“Another management method we're going to be using to slow the insect's spread is triage and using an insecticide called emamectin benzoate,” said Fierke.

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