Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tree City: Santa Monica Could Redefine, and Embody 'Arboretum' - Santa Monica, CA

Tree City: Santa Monica Could Redefine, and Embody 'Arboretum': LAist

An arboretum is, in essence, a collection of trees, though by contemporary definition, it is a place dedicated to conservation of and education about trees. Now Santa Monica is beginning to explore the possibility of being "the first city-wide arboretum in the world," according to The LookOut News.

The idea, which was first brought up for public discussion earlier this week in Santa Monica, breaks down into three components. Firstly, the city would create a "central location that would serve as the hub for the arboretum." Though a few locations have already been bandied about, most notably large city parks, ultimately the community would determine the location.
Secondly, the rest of the city's public spaces would be filled with trees, showcasing a variety of trees from around the world. Lastly, in cooperation with CalTrans, Santa Monica would line the 10 Freeway with trees, which would also combat what some feel is an inherent "ugliness" provided by the freeway.

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