Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What Can a Tree Do for You? Ask Trees for Watertown and i-Tree Design - Watertown, MA

What Can a Tree Do for You? - Watertown, MA Patch

Besides providing pleasant shade in the summer and maybe a branch for a swing, what can a sugar maple tree do – along with producing huge piles of leaves?
Quite a lot, it turns out, from increasing the selling price of a house and lowering its energy bills, to creating a healthier, saner environment for adults and children, according the panelists at the event on May 19 hosted by Trees for Watertown called "What is a Tree Worth—for Citizens and Our Town?"
"We have the studies and surveys," said Ken Sheytanian, a lifelong Watertown resident, realtor, and Rotary Club member. "Two of the main curb appeals that people look for in a house is a tree-lined street and shade trees on the property. Trees raise the selling price of otherwise identical houses by as much as 20 percent."

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