Monday, May 23, 2011

High school arborists-in-training compete in tree-climbing jamboree for 16th straight year - Fall River, MA

Dighton's Bristol Aggie students reach new heights at tree-climbing jamboree - Fall River, MA - The Herald News

For Tyler Perry, Bristol County Agricultural High School’s annual Tree Climbing Jamboree is more than just an entertaining challenge: It’s given him a leg up to full-time employment.

“I wouldn’t know half the stuff I do now and gotten the job,” if not for the hands-on, tree-climbing competition, said Perry, who is about to graduate from the school’s department of arboriculture program.

Perry, 18, said he’s already landed a full-time job with a professional landscaper and credits the jamboree for testing his mettle in a real-world setting of trees and branches.

“Absolutely, it’s challenging,” he said.

Friday marked the Tree Climbing Jamboree’s 16th year. A total of 26 students from all four grades competed against the clock in a quartet of categories involving work-climb tree-level tasks, “blade speed” harness climbing, footlock rope ascent and throwline tossing.

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