Monday, May 16, 2011

Land trust seeks to renew its presence in Monroe, CT

Land trust seeks to renew its presence in Monroe - Connecticut Post

A land trust is being re-established in Monroe, focusing on acquiring open space and planting and preserving trees.

Called the Monroe Land Trust and Tree Conservancy, it is a resurrection of the defunct Monroe Fields and Woods Association that was established in 1966.

The land trust has a modest budget preserved from the original organization, as well as deeds to four properties in Monroe, including 14.6 acres near Hattertown and Guinea roads. The trust plans to acquire more land from the town, said Karl Witalis, who preserved the Field and Woods accounts for the last 15 years.

Nineteen properties in Monroe owe the town significant back taxes, tax collector Manny Cambra said. The land trust will examine the list and tell the tax collector which ones it is interested in. The town will then foreclose on those properties, and, if the taxes are not paid, will put the land up for public auction.

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