Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PhillyTreeMap.org: crowdsourced census of Philadelphia’s tree canopy — Philadelphia, PA

PhillyTreeMap.org: crowdsourced census of Philadelphia’s tree canopy — Technically Philly

Philadelphia is crowdsourcing a census of its trees, and, yes, would you mindhelping?

Unveiled on Arbor Day during Philly Tech WeekPhillyTreeMap.org is a wiki-inspired web application that allows users who register free to collaborate with the project partners — City of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, thePennsylvania Horticultural Society, and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission – to map,  inventory and preserve the Philadelphia urban forest. The project was built by local mapping company Azavea.
Nearly 180,000 are already cataloged, though the species and other core details are missing.With guidance from the site, users can ascertain species type, estimate trunk diameter and height and fill in other specifics that will help the coalition of groups to better ascertain what is lacking and what is working in Philadelphia foliage.
PhillyTreeMap is meant to help Parks & Rec with its 30 percent tree canopy goal outlined in Greenworks Philadelphia by engaging residents around tree planting and stewardship, Azavea Project Manager Deb Boyer said during the Green Tech Showcase unveiling. Currently Philadelphia has an average of roughly 20 percent canopy across the city, though some parts have fuller coverage and other parts have far less.

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