Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Persistent residents persuade New London to clear cut residential street of mature oaks - New London, CTtake down trees

The Day - Persistent residents persuade New London to take down trees | News from southeastern Connecticut

Apparently you can fight City Hall.
Neighbors on West Pleasant Street, who have been complaining for years about unruly red oak trees on their street, successfully pleaded their case to city councilors Monday night and a majority agreed with them.
The city will chop down 12 towering oaks on the even-numbered side of the street. The city has already removed 11 trees on the odd-numbered side of the street.
"I'm going home to hug a tree and say good-bye,'' said Jocelyn Glidewell of 16 W. Pleasant St.
Two weeks ago Glidewell, and Ian Green of 8 W. Pleasant, asked the council to revise its tree removal program and take down all the trees along the road. They presented the council with a petition signed by every resident of the street. But the council tabled the matter.
Green said Monday, that for two years he's been pestering the public works director, city councilors and anyone who would listen about falling branches damaging houses and cars, and roots infiltrating basements and uplifting sidewalks.
"This is great news,'' he said after the vote. "We've been begging them to take the trees down."

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