Saturday, May 14, 2011

More than 100 trees face the axe after MISA vote - Greenwich, CT

More than 100 trees face the axe after MISA vote - GreenwichTime

The Greenwich High School expansion project overcame one hurdle when the Representative Town Meeting backed the project Monday night during the town's budget vote.

Now the Music Instruction Space and Auditorium project, known as MISA, has another challenge to face: trees.

A total of 121 trees are slated to be cut down as part of the project. This week, town Tree Warden Bruce Spaman called a hearing on the issue after a town resident objected to their removal.

The trees are spread across the Greenwich High School property, with some near the school building and others located in two sections along Hillside Road. One area that would be affected under the plan is at the north end of the school's property, while the second is on the south end.

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