Monday, May 16, 2011

"Granny" watch - heritage oak still stands, but SFPUC says not required to get permit to cut her down - Menlo Park, CA

Almanac Online : Updated: SFPUC says not required to get permit to cut heritage oak

The neighbors of a heritage oak tree called "Granny" headed to court on Monday morning to ask a judge to issue a temporary restraining order that would keep the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's axes at bay, even as the commission argued it didn't need a permit to cut down the tree.

The tree at 827 15th Avenue grows within a backyard easement controlled by the commission. Property owner Charles Berkstresser said the commission left a message on his door Friday evening (May 13) telling him the tree would be cut down Monday (May 16).

However, he said the commission has now backtracked, claiming it never intended to do so -- but it remains mum about when, exactly, the tree will get cut down. He was expecting a visit from a commission representative Monday, in between the stream of tree supporters dropping by his backyard to take a look at the 65-foot-tall tree that dwarfs his home.

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