Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crafton Borough, Residents Debate Removal Of Large Fallen Tree - Who Pays? Crafton, PA

Crafton Borough, Residents Debate Removal Of Large Tree - Allegheny County News Story - WTAE Pittsburgh

CRAFTON, Pa. -- A large tree that came down in Crafton is at the center of a debate between the borough and residents about who will pick up the tab to remove it.
The tree was on public land but toppled into a private yard during storms on Monday night.
Hardy Street resident Jason Williams told Channel 4 Action News that he was home sleeping when the tree collapsed.
"If it fell any other way, I would have been gone," he said.
Williams said he contacted his insurance company about removing the tree the following morning.
"Obviously, they're going to cover the roof and everything else. It's just the removal of the tree. We don't know who is going to be responsible for it," said Williams.

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