Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grant will help with inventory of trees - Gainesville, FL

Grant will help with inventory of trees

Gainesville staff members are applying for a grant that will help continue efforts to assess trees around the downtown area.

The Urban & Community Forestry Grant would fund completion of phase two of a citywide tree inventory started in 2006 with Keep Hall Beautiful and the Chamber of Commerce Beautification Committee.

"We'd like to continue our look at street trees that are impacting the public right-of-way and those that are in the midtown greenway as well as park spaces," said Jessica Tullar, Gainesville's special project manager. "This is an opportunity to build on the database of what we have and include what condition the trees are in."

City staff will use the $6,000 grant to develop a database of significant and historic trees, and Gainesville City Council members may consider a tree ordinance amendment to better balance development and trees in the community.

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