Monday, May 2, 2011

Tree stewards offer help for a stumped city - Roanoke, VA

Tree stewards offer help for a stumped city -

Today thousands of people will celebrate Arbor Day by planting trees.

More than 30 Roanokers, however, carry on their celebrations throughout the year by volunteering as tree stewards for Roanoke's urban forestry program. And during a time of austere budgets and program cuts, the tree stewards are helping supplement the program's nine full-time workers and providing the blueprint for low-cost delivery of city services.

Roanoke established the Tree Steward Program in 2009.

"It was planned as an educational piece to let people know what they can do to help preserve the city's tree canopy, to teach them how to work with their own trees and to help establish a volunteer network," said Michael Clark, Roanoke parks and recreation manager.

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